Can I sleep in Socialite Mink Lashes?

No. We recommend you take off and store in the original box before sleeping in order to get the maximum uses.

How can I see how Socialite Mink Lashes look on various faces?

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Which Socialite Mink Lash style has the shortest length?

Nine to Five

Which Socialite Mink Lash style has the longest length?


How do you clean Socialite Mink Lashes?

Gently peel away any left over glue from previous use and store in original Socialite Mink Lash box

Do you have to cut the lashes?

Yes. Measure the lashes to your eye and whatever is too long cut from the outer edge NOT the inner edge.

Do I need eyelash glue to apply Socialite Mink Lashes?

Yes. Use your favorite strip eyelash adhesive

How long do Socialite Mink Lashes last?

Socialite Mink Lash lasts up to 20 uses with proper care.

What is the difference between DayParty and AfterParty?

DayParty has the signature spikey appearance created with alternating long and short hairs and AfterParty is shorter on the inner corners by your nose gradually becoming longer and fuller toward the outside.